fooling around with new rules / by Philip Tarlow

new rules, 16x80” (4 canvasses 16x20” each)

2:41 PM: post root canal i’m feeling kind of shaky, and can’t chew on the molar that had the root canal. doc says it might take a few days for the traumatized ligaments holding the tooth in place to calm down. so, since i can’t chew on the other side either because 2 molars are missing & awaiting an implant, it’s yoghurt & soups all the way, baby.

i did want very much to re-engage with new rules however, so i fooled around with the placement of the canvasses, going from a square to a long & narrow solution. a couple were turned upside down; a move i seem to like, and some connective tissue, one might call it, was added sparingly to create some continuity. when it was too obvious, i scraped it out, which, on this artfix portrait linen, creates some delicious smears not possible on other canvasses.

i know this is not the final state, but it’s interesting to look at. maybe even slightly compelling, creating more questions than it provides answers for. hopefully, i’ll feel better tomorrow & be able to have a more productive day.