new rules gets bigger / by Philip Tarlow

2:21 PM: i tried an experiement & placed all 4 16x20” canvases precariously on the easel. if the experiment continues, i’ll probably have to attach the stretcher bars together to make it easier to work on them. on the other hand, i want the freedom to shuffle the deck & move them around. originally, my intention was to make 12 paintings, all 16x20” and show them at my may exhibition 4 across & 3 down, like a puzzle with interchangeable pieces.

right now these 4 are moving in the direction of one image divided into 4. that’s not really what i want, so i won’t be back in my studio till thursday, since we’re at the school working with the kids tomorrow, then driving to boulder for yet another root canal on wednesday. lets see how i feel about this on thursday.