katarachtes goes blue / by Philip Tarlow

katarachtes, 50x48” as it looked at 11am


11:23 AM: the very first thing i did this morning, following a restless strange-dream-filled night, was to unhesitatingly squeeze some cerulean blue onto my palette and, using my favorite fan brush, apply it to some areas, especially on the top portion. following my matcha tea & toast with feta, i added some touches of yellow ochre. more could follow, but i do like the calligraphic greys with accents of color. i like it a lot. it’s early still, so lets see how the rest of my day goes, under brilliant sunshine.

one might say that what is currently emerging in my work is the essence of my decades long love affair with our creeks and with my 10th c. chinese calligrapher/landscape painter buddies.