continued work on katarachtes, 50x48" / by Philip Tarlow

katarachtes 50x48” as it looked at 2 pm today

last month i began a larger post-motion painting titled katarachtes (waterfalls in modern greek).

work has been interrupted and will continue to be sporadic until the midterm elections next month, nov.4, as we are traveling around the southern part of colorado supporting volunteers for the campaign of diane mitch bush for congress.

there is a certain advantage, as i’ve said in the past, in taking breaks from paintings i’m working on. obviously, after being away from them for a week or so, i get a fresh perspective. and sometimes i also become bolder as to where i’m moved to take the painting next. or, more precisely, where it wants to take me next.

another trip is imminent, and i’ll resume work once we’re back.