resuming work on katarachtes / by Philip Tarlow

DETAIL: katarachtes at 5:30 PM today

today, following a morning actionlab 360 meeting at the house, i migrated to my studio. i stretched a new 32x38” piece of portrait linen. i’ve been missing the unique surface provided by this extraordinary, albeit expensice, frech linen, which has 4 coats of priming. i was waiting for my mentee, k., who wasn’t able to make it today. so, despite the overcast skies, which made it necessary to work by artificial light, i resumed work on katarachtes, 50x48.”

i eliminated the pink tone surrounding the central image of abstracted rocks & water. as always, i won’t know until tomorrow morning what happened this afternoon. but at first glance, it seems easier to look at. at the same time it’s stronger, punchier. katarachtes is greatly relieved to be out of the p