looking back/looking forward / by Philip Tarlow

7:36 PM, snowmass, colorado: when we’re traveling i post less frequently, and often rely on images i have on my thumb drive. today i came across this one, shot in my studio on new years day of this year. i’m at work on motion 6, one of the earliest motion series paintings. i love this phase of the series, although i don’t feel nostalgia for it. relative to the works in my current post-motion series, the rocks are still very recognizable. in roiling, BELOW, while they are still recognizable as rocks, their solidity has morphed into fragmented forms, ghost images suggesting a reality broken to bits, humming with movement. broken to bits and at the same time interconnected. not discreet individualized forms. barely forms. sharing atoms freely while bathed in a pink glow. interchangeable parts of a vast whole, caught for a millisecond writhing in harmony; roiling.