work on katarachtes / by Philip Tarlow

katarachtes, 50 x 48” as it looked at 3:30pm today.

3:02 pm: just back from carbondale last night, i continued work on katarachtes today. it’s more interesting than before. less of a punch in the face, more of a journey through time & space. of course you could say that about many things: a good poem or piece of music. the whole thing is floating in a sea of pink. so far, i’m not bored looking at it, which says something i guess. the intentional marks and the accidental ones are playing well together.

i spoke with a native american friend yesterday in carbondale, and we planned a book together, about rocks. we’ll see if it comes about, but it was an exciting conversation, and great to be able to speak freely about my relationship with the rocks to someone who shares my passion and even has words and expressions for all the aspects of my communication with them, including ones i didn’t imagine or suspect. in their tradition, the rock people are higher on the order of beings than humans. much higher.

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