drawings: then & now/a healthy mexican family/a vulunteer in carbondale / by Philip Tarlow

9:18 AM: currently at a friends in snowmass, driving home this afternoon. as always, i have my drawing book with me at all times and take advantage of any opportunity to draw.

as i sit and organize my thumb drives, i ran across a drawing i made years ago in california. BELOW: is one i made a few days ago in a basalt coffee shop, and next to it on the left, the one i made at a grape picking session in california, 1980. my focus seems to have shifted from more to less descriptive of the subject & his/her psychological state to an impression of the entire space & how the subject integrates with it.

at the mexican themed café bernard

at the little mexican themed restaurant in basalt, café bernard, where i made the drawing above right, opposite us there sat a mexican family of 7. there was too much movement from them and a table of people partially blocking my view to make the drawing i wanted. so what you see BELOW, is a little confusing, and does not include the little girl of 12 or so who is the focal point of my story.

to her left was her grandpa; to her right her uncle; opposite her parents & grandma, plus various other relatives, what i observed was the unconditional love being showered on the little girl from all sides and how, as a result she was expressing herslf with total joy and self confidence. it was moving to observe the interactions of a bonded extended family, and caused me to reflect on just how much we americans have lost those qualities that often produce adults who are fully developed humans.

1:48 PM: carbondale: we had meetings here with volunteers for the diane mitch bush campaign. here’s a drawing of one of them: