more work on roiling, but not yet there / by Philip Tarlow

4:58 PM: we did a lot of driving yesterday; to gunnision & back for an event with diane at the university, then beer & pizza at the brewery. got to bed at midnight & woke up achey & tired.

my mentee, k., came at 3:45 & continued work on his painting of a cello. usually when he’s here i get a lot of work done & today was no exception.roiling is getting there, but it ain’t there yet.

i’m walking a fine line lately, where if the image starting moving too far towards description, i scrape over it and work back into it. it needs to be evocative, suggestive. so that you see something different every time you come back & look.

BELOW: 3 stages in the process, with the most recent on the right: