back in my studio working on roiling & purple rocks II / by Philip Tarlow

we got home yesterday afternoon & this morning i was back in my studio doing more work on roiling (above left) & purple rocks II (right), which i’m taking over to the house for evaluation.

sometimes i wonder if my obsession with the creek and my need to use what i have garnered from my many plein air adventures is really going anywhere. these paintings, in what i am calling my post motion series. are edging towards an abstraction influenced as much by baselitz as by 10th century chinese masters of calligraphy.

i took a little break before this last campaign trip and made a small gouache on paper (see last tuesday’s post) in which i revisit my 15 year greek period. while i loved making this little painting of a well known athenian café housed in a neoclassical building opposite the acropolis, it did feel like a journey into the past. increasingly, i feel my “subject” is mark making. period.