motion 8: painting over the underdrawing / by Philip Tarlow

1:38 PM: my first foray into the new overpainting in oil was ok, but flawed compositionally, and read as an interesting but off balance drawing in oil.

i went into it with gusto, using 2 different palette knives and a variety of brushes, including my favorite fan brushes. the result, thus far is more satisfying to the eye, and reads more like a painting in oil, rather than a drawing. it has become suggestive of biomorphic creatures and has a level of movement not quite achieved in the original plein air oil, which you see below, to the left of landscape series 8. so much so, that, if it were hanging on your wall, you might be moved to anchor it securely!

the underdrawing peeks through just enough to create a graphic counterpoint, akin to what you hear in a bach fugue. bum-ba-BUMMM-ba-ba.....

BELOW is an early drawing by n.y. abstract expressionist painter philip guston  brought to mind by this phase of the painting.











11:57 AM:just back from our brief trip to boulder/denver, where i had a root canal, my follow up appointment with my eye surgeon & mikela had an excellent actionlab meeting with our developer. for some reason, we're both very achy & sore, but we pressed into it, and mikela is doing some more great work on the curriculum, and i on the painting. today is the first day i'm painting over the underdrawing, which was turned upside down to avoid any attachment to precious elements. i'm working from a 2014 plein air oil on canvas.

below: the underdrawing on the left and the overpainting in oil on the right, which is in progress