motion 8, day 4 / by Philip Tarlow

3:56 PM: i brought the painting back to the house for evaluation, and now i'm certain this one wail follow the path of the previous paintings in this series and become the ground, or foundation, upon which an oil painting will be be built. 

here you see todays version hanging above landscape series 6 in our tv room, as we watch the australian finals, with federer playing cilic.

notice how todays version comes off as an all over patterning, as opposed to the pop & punch of the one hanging above it.

the next stage, on thursday, will be very active. compared with the slow, precise mark making of the past 4 days. but i have to be in the right space. i'm hoping i'll be pain free at that point, and that my dentist's intervention will have been successful.


2:49 PM: i'm taking this under-drawing much further than i have in the past. i know i've said this before, but i have a feeling this "under-drawing" may end up being the final, resolved painting, with the possible addition of a few accents in oil. we'll just have to see how it evolves following my root canal, scheduled for tomorrow. 

right now, from a distance of about 25 feet, it carries surprisingly well for a piece executed, thus far, in only colored pencil and crayon, with a bit of oil pastel thrown into the mix. patterns, patterns, patterns. my tooth hurts like hell, so i'm stopping early.