is "2017-18 landscape series 7" resolved? / by Philip Tarlow

10:59 AM: yesterday afternoon we went for a walk near our house. on the way back w estopped off in the studio to evaluate the painting. we both agreed that the green in the central area of the painting was a problem. 

so i did something uncharacteristic. mikela returned to the house as the sun was setting, and i did more work on landscape series 7 under electric lighting; something i very rarely do. as i look at it right now, what i did is definitely an improvement, but the deep reddish color in the triangular shape in the center of the composition seems too strong & needs to be pushed back or changed in some way. so that's what i'll attempt to do before 1 PM, when we have to leave for salida.








BELOW: the painting before (left) and after removing the green area yesterday afternoon.