landscape series 7, day 3: getting messy / by Philip Tarlow

7:09 PM: after our late afternoon walk, we stopped at the studio and i took out the green in the center-right. in a rare 20 minute session under electric lighting, i worked at lightning speed, driven by the ever present need to find balance.

               landscape series 7  38x38"






3:12 PM: after about 3 hours of continuing yesterdays process of drawing on the canvas with colored pencils, crayon & oil pastel, i cut loose a few hours ago and broke out the oil paints. working form the same plein air oil painting i used for the last one i did: landscape series 6, i allowed the meticulous colored drawing to become the underpainting, scraping, rubbing and painting over it, so that bits still show through.

although it's obvious that landscape series 6 & 7 are based upon the same image, they come off like 2 riffs on the same melody. there's a thelonious monk-ness about them that i like. todays version is more evocative of animal and plant life; a wolf here, a pooch or lion there. and, if you are so inclined, you will find a breast or two.