new painting / by Philip Tarlow

3:15 PM: i started the drawing for 2018 landscape series 7.  the stretched linen is 38x38." for the moment, the entire drawing is in colored pencil, but that will change in the next day or two.

the virgin white portrait linen pulsates with the pastel colored pencil hatchings. oranges, violets and blues are punctuated by an occasional deep red. life is being breathed into the fine weave of the canvas, which may awaken tomorrow to snow, while the rocks and water it is inspired by are covered in ice.












10:54 AM: so today i'm stretching the canvas for the next in my 2017-18 landscape series. i'll post pics as soon as the drawing begins. in the mean time, here are a suite of drawings i made on our recent nyc/washington, d.c. trip.