landscape series 6, painted over landscape series 3 / by Philip Tarlow

SITE-1-1-18 Landscape Series 6 1-30pm.jpg

1:41 PM: landscape series 3 did not pass the hang in in the house test. after a few weeks, i was just not compelling enough. so i brought it over to my studio this morning, rubbed it about with gamsol  & launched back in, using the 11/1/12 plein air oil as my guide.

as with landscape series 5, the underlying image provided a rich counterpoint to the new image, which i believe actually surpasses the 16x16" plein air has quite a powerful presence, and we'll see when we're back from visiting with dimitri & our 2 grandkids how it strikes me.

BELOW:  on the left is the 11/1/12 plein air oil