irma / by Philip Tarlow

irma, 38x36" as it looked at 2 pm

2:09 PM: in keeping with my decision to name paintings based on what's happening now, today, i've named this painting irma. i've been pondering a dark grey/black ground for days, so that's what i did. as with the other 5 in the late summer series, i'm referring to of my 8 plein air  gouaches and a few of my 2014 pieces in collage on paper as i work. they give my ideas and a direction, and then i just riff.

viewed next to the others, this one jumps out at the viewer because of the stark contrasts. my language of forms, always biomorphic, is gaining more of an identity as i progress through the series. one can discover a rooster or a fish as easily as a branch or rock. there's even a hint of a watch face; a carryover from the 2014 collages on paper, which of course cannot be considered a biomorphic shape. well, maybe....

6;49 PM: i went out to the creek this afternoon and made 2 new plein air gouache paintings. it was a new spot we discovered on our trail walk a few days ago.there are actually 2 sites, one next to the other. i saved the more interesting site for my next creek adventure. but this one ain't bad!