lucien eclipse / by Philip Tarlow

4:31 PM: after more work on lucien eclipse, this is what it looks like at the end of my painting day.




BELOW: comparative view before my interventions (right( and after.

DETAIL of lucien eclipse moments ago

2:48 PM: trail walk this morning, more work on "lucien eclipse" this afternoon. got to my studio late because of our morning trail walk, and because i had to remake mikela's coffee after discovering a dead spider was part of the brew.

the brown on the right wasn't working. nor was the white collaged paper on the upper left. so i did fairly extensive work, but as far as i can see right now, it's still not there. although it does have a beautifully lyrical air, i must say. it conjures in the imagination red headed cartoon characters; blue eyed dragons yellow haired faceless spirits and branches making love with rocks and water. as much as i love the upper left blue/black passage, it's from a different universe at this point and must go. as a matter of fact, i may actually banish it forthwith!

BELOW: comparative views of the painting yesterday & moments ago: