plein air this morning, and a few tweaks to lucien eclipse this afternoon / by Philip Tarlow

5:36 PM: this morning i sallied forth to north crestone creek, where i found a new spot to make a couple of paintings in gouache on paper. as always, i entered a zone state the moment i sat down to paint. the landscape on all sides is profoundly stimulating to all the senses. so, in a very real sense, the paintings paint themselves, with me as the vehicle. happy to be of service! my table is so light weight and fragile that i have to be very careful not to bump into it, sending my palette, gouache colors and brushes into the fast flowing creek. it's happened in the past.

DETAIL of the upper right portion of the painting 

4:02 PM: i went out to the creek to paint 2 plein air gouaches this morning. i didn't get enough sleep last night, so making a few improvements to lucien eclipse was a bit of a struggle, but i felt compelled to do it. you can compare yesterdays version on the left below with todays and see if you agree with me that the painting has improved. all the changes i made consist of collaged elements; the most obvious and impactful being the brown paper on the upper right.



comparative views of lucien eclipse yesterday and today