re-working lucien eclipse / by Philip Tarlow

SITE-9-20-17 PT with Lucien Eclipse re-work.jpg
SITE-9-20-17 Lucien Eclipse re-work-CROP.jpg

4:02 PM: i had very good energy today and tok advantage of it by going back into lucien eclipse, which was created a month ago. being an early example of my late summer series, it lacked the punch of later paintings in the series. it was fuzzy & kind of blah. so i set to work this morning making substantial changes, which were ongoing until about half hour ago. it's always a danger to mindlessly fall into yesterdays solutions, or, in my case too obvious sexual references. up until half hour ago there was a penis in this composition that jumped right out at you. figuratively of course. so i tamed the beast. then a large area of green showed up. nice idea, but didn't work at all. so here's how it looked at the end of my painting day. below is a comparative view, with the august 21st version on the left.