trail walk followed by "Aspen Study" / by Philip Tarlow

7:11 PM: here's a panorama of my late summer series reference paintings, collages & photos. new are the two photos on the far right, which were shot on our trail walk this morning.

3:46 PM: this morning we went on another beautiful trail walk. i brought back a fantastic small "dead" branch with some lichen growing on it. the color was scarlet/vermillion but by the time i got it back to my studio, it had lost it's color. so now i'm spraying it with water periodically, and it seems to be coming back!

i was too tired and not in the right space to continue work on the new chia, (see yesterdays post) so i made a small gouache painting, 35.5x9.5cm/14x3.75", which is a study of some aspen bark i photographed today, which will be valuable once i re-commence work on chia. the more i study the patterns of nature, the more i am amazed by the richness. nothing new, right? but for me, a painter who has been painting plein air my whole adult life, it's a revelation. it just seems to be my moment of recognition, so i'm pursuing it like a private eye, hot on the trail. yes, private eye

a demain, mes amis.