starting "chia," 38x38" / by Philip Tarlow

chia, 38x38"  as it looked moments ago

DETAIL of chia at 2:30pm

2:36 PM: i started work on chia this morning. thus far, i'm taking it very slow.there are 3 collaged elements and, something i haven't yet done in this series, a kind of still life within the composition. i brought 2 crestone conglomerate rocks in from outside my studio and painted them into the as yet spare composition. when i finished for the day and photographed what i had done, it became very obvious that the bit on the right resembles a penis. it was completely unconscious. it's kind of a cool looking penis, which looks like it's wearing a blue wig. you can see it in this detail on the right. very curious i am to see how this evolves tomorrow.







11:53 AM: yesterday afternoon i unstretched the failed dōwd and re-stretched a new blank canvas. a while ago i prepared a tinted ground, which you see here in the foreground, and will soon begin work on the new painting titled chia. in the background are an array of plein air drawings & paintings as well as a few of my 2014 collage series, all of which i glance at while working on the late summer series. click on late summer, below to visit that page.

this image, minus the canvas in the foreground, has just been added to my late summer page. if you scroll down, you'll see it.