plein air this morning and turtle creek revised yesterday afternoon / by Philip Tarlow

9-14-17 plein air 1  19.3x20.2cm gouache on watercolor paper

1:30 PM: this morning i went to paint plein air at the creek. i discovered an excellent location! as well, i was able to test out my new, very light weight travel stool, which proved to be a huge blessing.

9-14-17 plein air 2  9.3x35cm.

ABOVE: the important changes i made to turtle island yesterday just as i was about to leave the studio. i realized something had to shift in order for this painting to become coherent as a composition; right now, it seems i was right!

increasingly, these plein air gouaches are feeding into my late summer series of paintings. the patterning which is rapidly emerging, after so many years of studying and painting the landscape is like watching a new language being born right in front of me. the late summer weather conditions at the creek could not be more perfect, and i am transported into another realm the moment i sit down in front of the landscape, remaining in that state the entire time.