plein air this morning / by Philip Tarlow

9-11-17 plein air gouache 1

6:35 PM: this morning i felt moved to sally forth to n. crestone creek. i knew there were thunderstorms predicted this afternoon, and i learned from out trail walk 2 days ago that mid-morning could be an ideal time in terms of temperature and light. 

9-11-17 plein air gouache 2

following my coffee brewing and morning meditation, i had an unusual experience. at the end of my meditation a go through a little affirmation-like internal monologue. aprt of it touches on a concept i first experienced in tm: unity consciousness. right after i meditate, i lie down on the couch to integrate. i looked up unity consciousness. i maintained the fleeting feeling of being connected to all things always now as i went to my studio & prepared to go to the creek.i maintained it as i set up my little table & chair, knocked my water glass into the creek where it broke, squeezed the colors onto the palette and began painting. i maintained it while sitting and painting, while being careful not to make any sudden moves, which might knock everything flying into the water. it's happened before. and as i gathered it all up, fished the glass shards from the creek and walked back down the trail to my parked car, it lasted. everthing connected. everything equally alive. 

then the mind rushes back in, terrified it has missed something, attempting to rebuild partitioned reality.