revisiting my 8/7 gouache interior / by Philip Tarlow

DETAIL of the gouache interior after my changes

2:03 PM: my intention today was to begin working in acrylic & collage, as i said i would yesterday. but something unexpected happened, which led me to do some more work on the gouache interior i made on 8/7. 

i received a FB message form my old friend charles in miami, wondering if the photo collage i was working from was of his house. i wasn't sure, actually, so i sent him a photo of the photo collage, and it actually was his miami home! when i looked at the gouache i had mad emore critically, i saw that some changes needed to be made. so i dove back in, and i think now it's a far better painting. BELOW are the 2 versions; see if you can discern what the changes are that i made. today's version is on the RIGHT. make them full screen images by clicking on them, then go back & forth by clicking the right arrow and you'll see what's different. do you think it's improved?