moving towards completion of oil interior 6 / by Philip Tarlow

3:09 PM: i painted for a full day today until, around 2pm, it clouded over & got hard to see the colors. in addition, i've noticed following my glaucoma/cataract surgery and my partial loss of peripheral vision, that some blurriness begins to occur when i get tired. today, that was about 3 hours into painting. it interferes with my painting and with the adjustments i make to pics of my latest work, which is annoying but so far has not kept me from working.

BELOW: oil interior 6 yesterday, on the left, and today.

today was significant in that i almost completely eliminated unwanted white areas of canvas, allowing the eye to gaze at the painting and see it as a coherent whole., perhaps for the first time since i started this painting, as i'm adjusting and cropping pics I just shot the latest state, i'm getting ideas for blowing up areas of a completed painting and using them for new ones. the crop you see here, for example, is one of them.