oil interior 6 continued... / by Philip Tarlow

2:30 PM:  we had an important teacher meeting yesterday & when it was over, it was really too late to start working. morning first thing always best. so now oil interior 6 is nearing completion. the final strokes are always the most interesting and the most critical. so i have to proceed with caution, while at the same time not holding back. we'll see how it goes in the morning. today a lot of the remaining white canvas is gone, so it's easier to envision the completed painting.

when i look at late matisse interiors and observe the boldness and certainty of his marks, i feel i still have a long way to go to unleash my own boldness on anything near that level. but when i look back at past paintings of interiors, i definitely see progress in that direction. painting from life rather than photographs is a big part of it. i dream of a studio filled with beautifully patterned materials, mirrors and fresh flowers.....

BELOW: yesterday on the left; today: right