preparing a new canvas / 2 plein air gouaches this afternoon / by Philip Tarlow

DETAIL: 8/30/17 plein air gouache 1

5:11 PM: mikela and i had a meeting with a local this morning, so i got a late start. i'm preparing a new 36x36 canvas for the next late summer painting, which i should be able to start tomorrow. this afternoon, i was in the mood to go out to the creek and make a few gouaches. i felt like leaving a bit earlier than usual: 2:30 pm. as i returned, at 4 pm, a strong thunderstorm broke out, with torrential rain, lightning & thunder. normally, i'd still be out at the creek at 4pm, so my intuition was spot on.

i discovered a new spot, which is not attached to a campsite and thus very private. i did have the feeling there were bears nearby, but they will rarely approach unless they smell food, in which case all bets are off! having looked recently at a few bonnard murals, i was more aware of patterns in the creek-scape than usual. and more inclined to paint in colors i normally don't use in my landscapes.