stretching a new canvas / christine sun kim / by Philip Tarlow

6:13 PM: after starting work on turtle island, 36x36" in my studio, i packed my materials into the car & drove out to north crestone creek to paint plein air gouache paintings on paper. when i found an empty campsite to park and began unloading my little collapsable table & chair and painting materials, a car came down the trail and stopped. the driver asked me if i planned on spending the night at the campsite. i explained that i was there to paint. she let me know that the guy who had been camping at this site had left food in his car, which was broken into by a bear this morning. the bear did considerable damage to the car, breaking windows and  ripping off the door to get to the food inside. this is the time of year when the bears are stocking up on food in anticipation of their winter hibernation; something all crestone residents are aware of.

i was able to make 3 gouache paintings, all the while staying alert to the possible presence of a bear.

on the drive home from the creek, the late afternoon skies were asking to be painted.

12:09 PM: i'm stretching a new canvas for my next painting, 36x36" as i was preparing the canvas, mikela called and sent me this link to an extraordinary 7 minute video. watch it.



more when i start the painting