ron gorchov/red and orange, 38x36" / by Philip Tarlow

red orange  38x36"  acrylic, crayon & collage on canvas

2:30 PM: this morning i stretched a new 38x36" canvas, prepared a red-orange ground with acrylic and began a painting of the same name: red orange. like yesterdays painting, it rests on a drawing inspired by a few of my recent creek drawings, then collages and painted. it's unusual for me to make a painting this size in one shot, but it may actually be complete. i'll tell you tomorrow morning. i've been inspired by reading robert shorrs's interview with alex katz in artspace, to which i gave the link yesterday if you scroll down. the timing seemed to be right for his perceptive questions and katz's answers to make their way through my thinking mind and directly into my being. it's rare, but it happens. and you better act on it when it does!

 “I think painting, per se, is an ideal way to criticize the work you already admire because that way you can take the best things in it and try to make your work to be the next consequential step. I mean, to me, that’s a given tradition in creative thought: to build on what you’re seeing that you love and try to bring it to new and unknown terrain.” ron gorchov

unknown terrain....think about that for a moment. what does that mean to you?