lucien eclipse / by Philip Tarlow

12:43 PM: i introduced some brighter colors, some through collaging, others, like the yellow, by brushing on acrylics.

there are enough marks suggesting rocks that the painting can be seen as a creek-scape. but there are also ambiguous elements, which allow the imagination to leap in other directions, mostly connected to the natural world: critters of one sort or another; plant life; even the sky & stars.

this is bringing me closer, i'd say, to my aesthetic and visual self, and to my mentors.

lucien, 36x38" as it looked moments ago







11:15 am: as the eclipse progresses and we are enveloped in stillness, i continue work on lucien, which has now been flipped 90 degrees and is 36x38" a distinct influence is now coming form my creek drawings, two of which i'm glancing at as i work on this painting.