minoan 1, day 3 / by Philip Tarlow

1:14 PM: this morning we went on a magnificent, stunning trail walk. the aspens were very clearly presenting as interacting families. i was chanting the mourners kaddish in my head. sounds sombre, but the mourners kaddish is a profound and joyful affirmation of what is, and especially what we don't know is. of course we don't know 99.9% if it, really.

i entered the studio still vibrating from our walk, made my matcha tea and promptly went to work in a way only possible in those rare and unpredictable moments of ἄγνοια (ancient greek for "not knowing." it's the non-place where all is possible. all potential.

so from that space i altered yesterday's minoan image from a cycladic sculpture to a minoan bull. the minoan bull is sexy, irreverent, rhythmic. and innocent.

the bull is partially framed by clippings of 6 year old's paintings. he may well disappear tomorrow when, as i am wont to do, i scrumble over this image with something else minoan-inspired. or maybe not......