continued work on gaze 37 / by Philip Tarlow

gaze 37  38x36", at the end of the day

3PM: today i did some more work on gaze 37. yesterday it had a distinctly minoan theme; today, more subtle.

if you look carefully, there are two distinct minoan elements. on the left, the outlines of a standing minoan sculpture, and on the right, a large stone head with the only feature being the nose in the center of the face.

right now, as i gaze at it from my desk, it reads well, with just enough movement to allow the eye to roam the surface bit by bit and enough tonal richness to satisfy ones aesthetic palette. somehow it brings to mind francis bacon, although that's not at all my intention, nor is he one of my favorite artists. 


so what do you see when you look at the progression below? certainly less realist elements, more abstraction. i would add: more coherence. while the mind and eye are trying to decipher what's going on in todays version, they are not able to declare success in affirming "that's a minoan fisherman with his catch," or " that's the hands & pitcher from vermeer's milkmaid." we are adrift. adrift in a sea of implied and ambiguous signs & symbols. 





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