gaze 37 / by Philip Tarlow

1:55 PM: so i'm fulfilling my promise (to myself) of a few days ago and have begun re-working gaze 37, 38x36." in it's last incarnation, the imagery derived from a detail of vermeer's the milkmaid. today i drew from ancient minoan imagery, harkening back to a commission i executed for a client in houston a few years ago, with a minoan theme. BELOW left: gaze 37 as it looked before todays intervention. and on the right, how it looked moments ago.

as you can discern from this detail of the painting, there are, as with all the other 36 paintings in my gaze series, collaged maps & other bits of paper, mostly cut into biomorphic shapes, patterning deriving from scrapings and pressing patterned materials onto the still wet acrylics, and very free brush strokes deliniating, in this case, a minoan fisherman with his catch. i'm excited to be back in this arena, as i had predicted, and we'll see where it goes from here. but you can understand, when looking at this one and compare it to the interiors i've been painting over the past few months, where i'm at. i mean, the ambiguity, the whole body's me right now in august, 2017.