drawing for oil interior 4/ starting to paint o.i.3 & 4 / by Philip Tarlow

todays palette

3:15 PM: if you read my 2:39 post below, you'll see that i wanted to correct a problem for ending my painting day. i just did, but there's more to do, which i'll address tomorrow morning after our trail walk. read the post below for my analysis, and see if you agree. there's a tab on the bottom where you can make comments, which could be very helpful if you're up for it.

2:39 PM: here's how oil interior 3 looks at the end of my painting day. in the end, i didn't work on oil interior 4 in tandem, as i had planned. but that could happen tomorrow, now that oil interior 3 has legs.the results of my experiment: painting with the canvas lying flat on a cardboard bod about 6 inches o\above the cement floor of my studio are,at least to me very apparent. there's a greater freedom in the brush strokes; not so much control. exactly what happened with the drawings when my graphite was attached to a long pole. this doesn't necessarily mean i'll be painting this way in the future. for now, i like it. it's creating a look that is new for me. one where, arguably, it's more natural to keep in mind the entire surface as large areas of color are blocked in and the space is divided up.

right now, i'd say the weakness in the composition is that the right and left halves look exactly like that: they appear to be 2 halves of different paintings. as a matter of face, i think before cleaning my brushes i'll try & do something about that! thanks, those of you following this blog!

1 PM:making progress on oil interior 3

11 am: just started painting O.I.3, and will move to O.I.4 when i'm a bit further along. good morning energy & not too hot yet.







9:58 AM: just completed the drawing for oil interior 4, which as predicted is looser & more economical than yesterday's drawing for O.I. 3. i'm going to proceed to preparing my palette & begin painting shortly, up dates as available. BELOW yesterday's drawing for O.I.3 (left) & todays.