completion of gouache interior 8 / by Philip Tarlow

gouache interior 8    14x14"   gouache on archival watercolor paper

painting by vuillard

1:53 PM: i completed gouache interior 8 just now, and am moving ahead with preparations of a larger version in oil on linen. as always, i'm glad i did a small version first, in gouache on paper, as it gave me valuable information on how this composition could be improved. gouache continues to be one of my favorite mediums. after all these decades of using it, i feel a certainty in my mark making that allows for greater freedom and improvisation. i feel i've also gained a lot from doing my gaze series in acrylic & collage, which gavce me the greatest feeling in my career of riffing on a theme; not being attached to a particular look or passage and just plain being playful. my greatest teacher in this series of interiors is most certainly vuillard. the way he integrated pattern into his compositions; the intimacy of his work

11:25 am: picking up where i left off yesterday afternoon, i'm continuing work on gouache interior 8, in preparation for a larger oil version; possibly 2 versions. trying to get as much as possible done before it heats up to the high eighties predicted for today, and my gouache colors begin to solidify on the palette. there's still a ways to go before it jells as a composition; possibly the next time i post, in an hour or so.