looking back / starting new gouache interior in about an hour / by Philip Tarlow

3PM: i'm stopping for the day. here's where gouache interior 8 was at when i stopped. I can only work on a gouache like this in bursts. with all it's beautiful patterns and very subtle color & tonal transitions, i get burnt out after, say, a 30 minute burst. so i take frequent brakes, until i feel like i'm cooked. 

i think this is going to work especially well as a larger oil.













1:30 PM: drawing completed; at work on the gouache painting.







8:57 AM: this gouache on paper was painted in 2005. the subject is pythara, a waterfall on the island of andros, greece. the lone figure in a landscape has always been part of my work.


in about an hour, i'll commence work on the drawing for gouache interior 8, 14x14" i may be able to start painting this afternoon, if the drawing has been completed. i'll post pics as they become available.