to tweak: / by Philip Tarlow

12:34 PM: to tweak: to make usually small adjustments in or to.

in a painting, as with a race car engine, these small adjustments can make all the difference. in the case of oil interior 5, the tweak involved my realization that 80% of the composition consists of objects and bodies seen in a mirror. whereas the flower patterned paper on the bottom, the barber's arm on the left & the bottle on the left are "real," the rest of the composition is seen in a large barber shop mirror; it's a reflection. no matter how clear the mirror image, it is always more or less dimmer and hazier than the original, depending on the quality of the mirror and how dust & smudge free it is. once i adjusted for that, the painting became far easier to read. the mirror images got slightly pushed back. now, if you compare yesterdays version on the left with todays on the right, the eye immediately and automatically reads the mirrored images as exactly what they are; reflections.

i have always loved mirrors and have been wanting one in my studio for 20 years! one day, we'll visit an antique store in denver, find the right tall mirror & bring it back to crestone. and you, my friends, will have played a role in making that happen!