continued work on oil interior 5 / a look back at a rare oil collage experiment / by Philip Tarlow

2:14 PM: end of my painting may need some tweaks, but it's pretty far along i think. the tight cropping may be a direction i take in future interiors.

tomorrow will be critical in making the image pop as well as resolving a few ambiguous spaces. it's interesting that it's taken this long for me to rediscover and begin mining these photo collages. the one this is based on was shot in india in '89-90 and later mounted as a collage in my studio. 

for a painter, visiting rajistan is probably akin to what some 19th c. artists like matisse experienced upon visiting morocco; brilliant color and patterns everywhere.
















12:35 PM: oil interior 5 at 12:30 PM








11:15 AM: oil interior 5 at 11:15 am.









10:06 AM: this is one of two collages in oil on linen i made towards the end of my ano kato series. because it's tricky to use collage in an oil painting, i stopped after doing two. as you can see, they are based on photos i shot from above at a denver mall. which explains the baby carriage seen from above & the other figures strolling through the mall. unlike the rest of the ano kato series however, there are abstract elements coexisting with the realist figures. in the lower right is a fragment of a watch. watches were prominent in the series of abstract collages i made, such as the one you see below, 12x5"/31x12cm. 1/29/14 

i'm about to resume work on oil interior 5, and will post pics as they become available.