new plein air series? starting oil interior 5 / by Philip Tarlow

3:43 PM: i erased yesterday's drawing for oil interior 5, 22x22"/56x56cm. & made a new one, based upon a photo collage i made in the late '80's of a partially outdoor barber shop in rajistan, india, known for it's vibrant use of color everywhere you look. i spent a long time deciding upon a composition, after realizing this has been a weak point in the past. not that my compositions are bad, but they are sometimes kind of hit or miss. so i decided to spend more time than usual determining the exact boundaries of my composition, putting form, pattern and color first in importance.

work will resume in the morning, following our 5am trail walk.

9:02 AM: i'm considering a new plein air series, now that mosquito season is over. i may try making some larger oils, which is more of a logistical challenge. here's a plein air gouache painted back in march.

3/19/17 plein air gouache

in the mean time, i plan on starting oil interior 5, once the drawing is completed.