oil interior 4 after viewing in the house / by Philip Tarlow

DETAIL of oil interior 4 at 2pm

2 pm: the minute i hung oil interior 4 on our east living room wall, where we can get back & view the painting from about 50 feet, i was clear that it needed more work.  for one thing, the composition was divided in two because of some of the broken up bits i introduced as a way of riffing on those qualities that are part of the original photo collage. the figure in the foreground also had a triangular spike of white running through it from top to bottom. this is a good example of something not working because it came from my head rather than my gut. it's a lot closer, but may not be there yet. it's good that i'll be away from the studio for 2 days, which will give me a fresh perspective when we return form denver.

BELOW: yesterday, left and today, right.