oil interior 4 / by Philip Tarlow

3 PM: stopping here for the day. oil interior 4 has progressed and is in a state of flux. the eye jumps about looking for a place to rest and there is not yet an overall coherence. there are however some beautiful passages. i'm being careful that my idea of breaking up the space based on the breaks created by the photo collage, where the photos don't quite match up or are mounted at an angle to create a continuity in the image, does not overwhelm the art.

it's an interesting idea, which i think works in the previous painting: oil interior 3. but in painting as in any other art form, it's easy to be taken over by an idea and forget essence. the trick for me is to always let the drawing or painting go where it needs to and allow that to draw on my knowledge, skills and passion to shepherd it along the way. there is no recipe, no formula. as far as i'm concerned, while formulas can create very interesting, even compelling results, it produces a lifeless result, devoid of chi.

DETAIL of oil interior 4 moments ago

noon: i'm resuming work on oil interior 4 following our early morning trail walk. the work is progressing intentionally slowly to give the painting time to absorb what i've done & choose it's next move. does that make you think i'm speaking crestonian? well, perhaps so. when you live here long enough, that's what you speak. i'll post more pics as work progresses...