work on OIL INTERIOR 3 continues / starting oil interior 4 / by Philip Tarlow

DETAIL  of todays work on  oil interior 4

DETAIL of todays work on oil interior 4

i'm considering oil interior 3 resolved, although i won't know that for sure for a few days. so i began work on oil interior 4, which is based upon the same photo collage of the interior of a renovated firehouse on 23rd st. in manhattan.

i'll continue working on this one after our morning trail walk tomorrow. this time, the breaks in the image, following the naturally occurring breaks from photo to photo in the photo collage, are being introduced beforehand rather than being painted in white on top of the existing image.





at noon, i'm continuing work on il interior 3, digesting yesterdays break up of the space, refining the white shapes i introduced mimicking the shapes created by the juxtaposed photos in the collage i'm working from and cutting down the sheer white of those shapes to a cream, so they integrate better into the composition. i changed & reduced the shape of the white space above her head, and on the left of the carpet, which you can see better if you make the images full screen & toggle back & forth.

getting some ideas by looking at early cubist images of works by picasso & braque, who were at the time living in the same floating studio.

BELOW: yesterdays version on the left; todays right