breaking it up / by Philip Tarlow

DETAIL of oil interior 3 showing the breaks in the image

2:01 PM: we walked up the trail this morning, so i'm stopping early 'cause i hit my limit. about an hour into it, something felt off with oil interior 3. as i looked at the photo collage i'm using for this painting, i noticed the breaks in the image as a result of the collaging together of many individual photographs. i noticed that the resulting breaks in the entire image seemed completely natural to me. they didn't register as mistakes or flaws. on the contrary, they enlivened th image!

since this painting was beginning to feel like a re-hash of far more competent 19th prototypes, i decided to take a walk on the wild side and introduce breaks similar to those in the photo collage. so what you see when the photos don't match up in a white space, usually following the edge of the photograph and the jogging a bit one way or another, depending on the way they were mounted on the white surface.

there are some studies about how we see that suggest that this is actually closer to what the eye does when scanning a real life image; darting from one place to another very rapidly and composing the continuous, unbroken images we're used to seeing. more about this tomorrow; right now i'm wiped out & want to clean my brushes & get back to the house to lie down next to the love of my life!

BELOW: LEFT-the painting as it looked yesterday and RIGHT- as it looked moments ago.