continued work on oil interior 1 today / by Philip Tarlow

2PM: oil interior 2 at 2 pm. this is where i'm stopping for the day. we took our trail walk this morning at 5, and i've been up since 4. this painting is now starting to sing. maybe not full throated yet, but close. taking liberties with the colors in the actual interior, which is a renovated firehouse in chelsea, nyc, allowed me the freedom to improvise. during a period of a few hours, i hit the sweet spot, where the gut directs your hand, not your mind. it was actually just after i spoke with my grandson philip, to wish him happy birthday, that my spirit soared. he's in france with his mom & his sister manio, and i could tell from his voice that he was having lots of fun. some local kids had come over & they were having a little party. so when i got off the phone, i just felt uplifted. and that's when i gave myself permission to fly.

oil interior 2, 32x32" at 1 pm

12:15 PM: bright colors unexpectedly enter the picture. still working; more soon....

10:37 am: i'll be getting back to work on oil interior 1 in a bit. here it is on my studio wall a few minutes ago.

i'll post pics as the work progresses