final tweaks to gouache interior 3 completed /drawing for gouache interior 4 / by Philip Tarlow

4:20 PM: i just now started the drawing for gouache interior 4, which is also 14x14" and draws once again form gary & loekie's maarssen, netherlands home photo collages i shot in the '90's.

gouache interior 3   14x14"  35.5x35.5 cm.  





2:03 PM: i just now completed my final tweaks to gouache interior 3. selective lights & darks make the image pop more as well as improving the compositional balance. as with all my paintings in either gouache, egg tempera or watercolor mediums, everything rests upon subtle variances of tone & compositional angles that allow the eye to move over the picture surface freely, stopping perhaps to savor an especially successful brush stroke or passage. a daring departure for me, in these paintings, may be the occasional crimson red or azure blue. this modulation of mostly earth tones can be traced directly back to my days with the great tsarouchis and, by extension, his teacher kondoglou, who translated the byzantine idiom into contemporary terms. as i come full circle in my curiously wandering trajectory as an artist, i feel able to savor the simple beauty of this interior in the netherlands and, in the end, see it through my own eyes; my own consciousness.

BELOW: 3 stages in the development of gouache interior 3