continuing work on gouache interior 3 / by Philip Tarlow

2:41 PM: stopping here for the day. this painting now sings, always a good thing. but it may still need a few tweaks tomorrow when i'm fresh. i did lots of work on the figure (our friend karen), the stairs and the cabinet in the center with it's beautiful objects, all chosen by loekie, with her sensitive eye for detail, color, pattern & all the stuff painters love. boy did they do the right thing when they purchased this house in the '60's and renovated it. it's my favorite interior amongst the manmy i've photographed & painted, and bonnard/vuillard would have agreed were they still with us.

2:10 PM: i'm continuing work on gouache interior 3, which looks like this at 2:10pm. i'll be painting for about another hour today, & will post pics of the latest version before leaving my studio.