completion of gouache interior 7/ preparing for the oil version / by Philip Tarlow

4 PM: i just stretched a canvas for the oil version of this painting, and was able to start the drawing, which i'll continue tomorrow.

i'm not using the artfix portrait linen i used for oil interior 1. i think it works better for smaller canvasses. on larger stretcher bars, it tends to wrinkle easily because it's so fine & delicate. i love the surface, but i don't think it's the right surface for these larger oils. we'll see once i complete the drawing & start painting how this surface compares; it's a heavier high quality weave cotton canvas, which i've used thus far for my gaze series, when i was working in acrylic & collage. cotton canvas is considered to be lesser in quality than linen. the real question is: how does it take the paint? if it has the level of sensitivity i need, that's fine. the other option, which i've never actually tried, is polyester, which, unlike cotton & linen is not affected by moisture, making it a favorite of conservators. believe it or not, polyester canvas made by the same company, artfix, is more expensive per yard than either of the 2 i've mentioned.

2:07 PM: this is the completed gouache interior 7. now i'm ready to stretch the canvas and begin the oil version. pics when available. BELOW: a few details of the completed gouache.

DETAIL of gouache interior 7, 14x14"

12:47 PM: gouache interior 7 is taking longer than expected; it's filled with intricate details & patterning and this is one of the reasons i'm going to attempt a larger version as soon as this is complete. i think the oil painting will actually allow me to simplify and extract important shapes and details in a way not possible on this 14" scale.