completing drawing for gouache interior 7/starting color/why interiors? / by Philip Tarlow


i've made paintings of interiors for decades. from hat makers shops in piraeus to living rooms in paris, the netherlands and new york. what they have in common is intimacy, patterns, warm colors and of course my spirit. my preference is to have at least one figure. my role models are bonnard, vuillard, karagatsi and tsarouchis.

in my world, each new interior represents a personal breakthrough. a new, ideally more elegant & economical way of working, with the interiors as a scaffolding. the result should move you and satisfy your aesthetic self.

3:18 PM: stopping here for the day. love this stage. the figure on the sofa is mikela. this one i could see on a larger scale in oil. i'll do more tomorrow. scroll down to see the beautiful bull snake that showed up a few hours ago at my studio door.

2:11 PM: below is the completed drawing for gouache interior 7. it's based upon a photo collage i made in the early '90's of a converted firehouse we were invited to by our friend joan, in chelsea, NYC. a great space!

i'll start painting in moments; pics as available...

1:32 PM: i've just about completed the drawing for gouache interior 7, 14x14" so i may squeeze my colors & begin painting.

updated pics to follow...