final tweaks to oil interior 1 / by Philip Tarlow

noon: oil interior 1 may be resolved. it will move to the house, be hung on my famous east living room wall and evaluated by the two of us.

BELOW: one of the areas i worked on extensively this morning.





noon: it may be resolved; here it is on my easel at noon.




9:19 AM: today will be another hot one, so while it's still cool i'm going to make a few final tweaks to oil interior 1. this afternoon i think i'll bring it to the house for the true test of whether a painting is resolved. as well, i'm going to stretch another 32x32" canvas for the next in this series: oil interior 2. the subject will most likely be based upon a photo collage i shot in the '90's in our friend audrey's home in westchester, ny. she & top, her husband, have an exquisite collection of artifacts & paintings they acquired while living in china, and the patterns excite me.